Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 17

Can an alcohol beverage licensee allow a person to bring their own alcohol into a licensed premises for consumption or other use?

No. Such action is prohibited under Wisconsin’s alcohol beverage laws. Wis. Stat. sec 125.32(6)(a) provides:

LIMITATIONS ON BEVERAGES ON WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PREMISES. Except as provided in s. 125.33(2)(o) or 125.70, no person may possess on the premises covered by a retail or wholesale fermented malt beverages license or permit any alcohol beverages not authorized for sale on the premises. [emphasis added].

The only alcohol beverages authorized for sale on a licensed premises are those purchased from a licensed wholesaler. See Wis. Stat. secs. 125.33(9) (fermented malt beverages) and 125.69(6) (intoxicating liquor). Accordingly, the only alcohol beverages that may be possessed in a bar, nightclub, restaurant or other establishment covered by a retail or wholesale fermented malt beverage license is the alcohol that has been purchased by the licensee from a licensed wholesaler and “bring your own” is not allowed for beer or alcohol on such premises.