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The League's The Municipality magazine is published monthly and circulates to almost 10,000 local elected officials, staff and partners in Wisconsin. We focus on issues that are of interest to Wisconsin's cities and villages and will help to move Wisconsin forward.

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10 22 Join Us La Crosse Cover The Municipality

October 2022 

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our 124th Annual Conference October 19-21 in La Crosse.  But we are also turning our focus on the upcoming legislative session and have launched the "Critical Local Funding" campaign. We need your help. Please tell your community's story. What challenges do you face funding priorities like police, fire and EMS?  Learn more on our website here.  

9 22 Representative Democracy COVER Autumn leaf in shape of Wis. being held up by someone.

September 2022

The United States is a representative democracy at the Federal, State and Local level of government. This means that our government is elected by citizens. Here, citizens vote for their government officials. These officials represent the citizens' ideas and concerns in government. Voting is one way to participate in our democracy.

8 22 The Municipality Cover State Local Partnership w/torn cover Capitol & Main St.

August 2022

Funding for police, fire, EMS and other local government services needs reform. Local government is too dependent on property taxes to the detriment of homeowners and small businesses. The system is broken.  

7 22 Finance and Budgeting mag cover with small American Flags along curb

July 2022

The Municipal Budget season starts in earnest at the end of the summer, so in preparation, The Municipality provides resources to help you budget.  From an article on the impact of inflation on municipal budgets, to the budget cycle and comprehensive plan tips, this issue is your go to resource for all things budgeting and finance.  

6 22 Cover Jerome Glenn colorful art with sun in left top corner and buildings MunicipalityCover

June 2022

Every April approximately 800 new officials are elected to local government. They come to public service with a wide variety of life experiences so we crowdsourced advice from experienced officials in articles and from LinkedIn and Facebook. Thanks to everyone who offered their advice. 

Thanks too to Jerome Glenn, who works with "Arts for ALL Wisconsin", for the colorful cover art. Learn more about Jerome on page 1 of the magazine.  

5 22 Cover The Municipality Clerks Safety

May 2022

May 1-7, 2022 is Municipal Clerks Week and we are celebrating! Learn about the many responsibilities the clerk has beyond administering elections and also read about the League's "We Trust Them" PSA. (Watch it here.) 

We also take on road and railroad safety plus there's an article on what to do in an active shooter situation.  

4 22 Grants The Municipality Waupun groundbreaking

April 2022

Grants are the hot topic and this magazine will not disappoint. Each article has a great nugget or two to help you navigate what can be a complicated process.  

Access the USDA Rural Development article (PDF) that directly links to all of their resources.  

Check out the League's Grants Resource page. 

3 22 The Municipality COVER Public Places Oconomowoc Yellow Brick Road

March 2022

Oconomowoc's Yellow Brick Road is a good analogy for public places, the places where people gather. The magazine includes public places from across Wisconsin, an essay on the serenity public places can bring and articles on the importance of senior centers and parks.  

The League's March E-Newsletter with grants, events and opportunities.  

The League's March E-Muni takes a deep dive into the magazine, providing direct links to resources.  Note that this newsletter is being discontinued.  

2 22 Cover The Municipality Hiring

February 2022

Hiring is hard right now.  The League's magazine is focused on what you can do to make your municipality stand out and become an employer of choice.

Where are Wisconsin Workers - the Graphs: 
(Open the image and right click to save to your computer.) 
Figure 1 - Monthly Job Openings  
Figure 2 - Unemployed per Job Opening
Figure 3 - Monthly Quits
Figure 4 - Labor Participation Ages 16 and Over
Figure 5 - Labor Participation by Age
Figure 6 - Population Age 15 and Over
Figure 7 - Changes in Total Working and Prime Working Age
Figure 8 - Employees Age 55 and Over by Industry

The League's February E-Newsletter with resources, grant and funding information, events and opportunities.  

The League's February E-Muni, a deep dive into the magazine with direct links to resources.  

1 22 Cybersecurity magazine in dramatic blue with a locked computer

January 2022 

Cybersecurity and internet access go hand in hand and we tackle both in the League's January magazine. An accessible Q&A with experts on cybersecurity and an article on an innovative way to provide broadband access anchor the magazine. 

Download Matt Kure's Broadband Affordability and Accessibility Map (PDF) from page 6. 

The League's January E-Newsletter is chockful of funding resources, events and opportunities. 

The January E-Muni has direct links to useful resources including the legal articles.   

12 21 Cooperation Cover West Salem in Winter

December 2021

Collaboration is often key to local government progress. The Local Government Institute and the new Whitburn Center at UW Oshkosh along with the work by UniverCity in communities all demonstrate the strength of collaboration.  

The League's December E-Newsletter with resources, funding, opportunities and events. 

The League's December E-Muni provides direct links to legal articles and resources mentioned in the magazine. 

11 21 Cover THE MUNICIPALITY By the Numbers

November 2021

So many numbers!  Did you know that the median size city/village in Wisconsin has a population of 1,450? Or that Yuba is the smallest village in Wisconsin and, no surprise, Milwaukee is the biggest city. Or that there are 1,100 special purpose districts in Wisconsin? Page through and find your favorite number.   

The League's November E-Newsletter with opportunities, events and funding.  

The November E-Muni takes a deep dive into the magazine with direct links to resources.  

10 21 THE MUNICIPALITY Annual Conference cover

October 2021

Municipal safety best practices, salty water and successful housing strategies along with a profile of incoming League Board President Justin Nickels are all featured in the League's October magazine.  The "For the Goof of the Order" column is authored by Boardman Attorney Mike May and is focused on the "Use and Misuse of Substitute Amendments." You'll want to open the magazine to review the amazing 123rd Annual Conference agenda. We'll see you there!

The League's October E-Newsletter with information on police funding, the latest on ARPA, funding opportunities and events.  

Read the League's E-Muni and take a deep dive into the October magazine.

9 21 Cover The Municipality Looking Forward West Bend From the Roof CityHallSelfie

September 2021

From examples of housing innovations to infrastructure considerations in a changing climate, the September The Municipality looks forward.  In addition, our Government Relations staff details the impact of the State Budget on municipalities and we reprint a legal article on objectionable content.  

The League's September E-Newsletter details opportunities, events and funding.  

Direct links to resources and magazine articles, including the "Impact of the State Budget on Municipalities" are provided in the League's September E-Muni.