Local Government 101

2024 is a year of adaptation for the League. We are pivoting our flagship training, Local Government 101, to an online microlearning style program.

The target date for this major shift in our program is May 1, 2024.

The League knows that local elected officials are already spending countless hours of their own time learning about your unique municipalities. Asking them to take a whole day to attend in-person training can be a hardship for people already active in their community. Our goal is to provide the same great content members have come to expect from the League, but in a fraction of the time and at your own pace. 

Members will be able to watch a series of short videos that explain complicated concepts in easy to understand language. Knowledge checks will be included. And members can always connect with the League for follow up questions or attend any number of our other trainings that might provide a deeper understanding.

We are very optimistic about the future of this program and the service to our members that it will be. Our job is to help you do your job, and we believe this is the best way to do that.