Legal Resources

The comprehensive League Legal Resource is available on USB Flash Drive and CD.  It is updated annually and contains the following searchable databases:

  • The complete text of the League's legal opinions since 1975
  • An index summarizing the conclusions of all the League's legal opinions published since the early 1960s
  • 1998 to the latest Municipal Attorneys Institute Conference Papers
  • The complete text of 8 of the most popular League manuals, including:
    • Annexation of Territory to Wisconsin Cities and Villages - June 2013 Update (PDF)
    • Conduct of Common Council Meetings
    • Conduct of Village Board Meetings
    • Handbook for Wisconsin Municipal Officials 
    • Special Assessments in Wisconsin
    • Powers and Duties of Wisconsin Mayors
    • Powers and Duties of Wisconsin Village Presidents
    • Municipal Licensing and Regulation of Alcohol Beverages (Completely updated in 2015)
    The Folio Views Search and Retrieval format gives you instant access to local government information.
The League's Legal Resource gives you instant access to all of the information on your desktop computer saving you time and money by providing quick answers to commonly asked legal and policy questions. The easy-to-use search engine allows you to simply type in any word, phrase or number and quickly find every entry that contains your search query.

The Folio format also allows you to customize your version by creating a shadow file with color and style highlights, bookmarks, notes, and pop-up links within the text.

The League's Legal Resource can only be ordered through American Legal Publishing at this website.

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Contact American Legal Publishing for Legal Resource USB Flash Drive/CD orders only. Other League publications must be ordered directly from the League.