Transportation Aids

2020 Preliminary Estimates for Municipalities (downloads as Excel Spreadsheet) 

General Transportation Aids (GTA)

The 2019-2021 state budget significantly increased funding for the general transportation aids program by $35 million over the prior budget, the second 10% increase in GTA in a row. The total calendar year distribution was set at $383,503,200 for 2020 and thereafter. The budget increased the mileage aid rate by 10% from $2,389 per mile to $2,628 per mile for 2020 and thereafter. All cities and most villages receive their GTA payments under the share of cost formula. Almost all towns are paid GTA on the rate per highway mile basis. The Department of Transportation is statutorily required to distribute GTA funds first to towns under the rate per mile component of the program. Then, the remainder is distributed to cities and most villages on a share of cost basis.

GTA Payments

An individual community's actual 2020 GTA payments will depend on application of the share of cost distribution formula. 

The Department of Transportation mailed to municipalities the estimate of their 2020 GTA payments on October 1st. The estimated GTA payments for each municipality will download as an Excel spreadsheet. 

DOT will post notice of final 2020 payment amounts to municipalities in December.

Mass Transit Aids

The 2019-20 state budget provided a 2% increase for the mass transit operating assistance program.