100 - R1 Single-Family Residence District, Permitted Uses - Rhinelander

Ordinance #100

R1 Single-Family Residence District, Permitted Uses - City of Rhinelander

All existing ordinances, codes or portions thereof in conflict herewith are hereby repealed, and more specifically, Section 19.08(l) is amended as follows:

19.08 RI SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENCE DISTRICT. (1) PERMITTED USES. The following uses are permitted in the RI District.

(a) Single-family detached dwellings.

(b) Family daycare homes for not more than eight (8) children.

(c) Agriculture, but not including the keeping or raising of poultry, pigeons, goats, sheep, swine, rabbits or fur- bearing animals.

(d) Accessory uses and buildings incidental to and on the same zoning lot as a principal use, as follows:

1. Agricultural buildings and structures.

2. Boathouses, private.

3. Fallout shelters, as regulated herein.

4. Garages and carports.

5. Guest houses, private.

6. Home occupations.

7. Living quarters, detached. For persons employed on the premises if occupied only by such persons and their immediate family.

8. Sewage disposal units, individual. In accordance with §19.03(4).

9. Signs, as regulated herein.

10. Storage of building materials and equipment, and temporary buildings for construction purposes, for a period not to exceed the duration of such construction.

11. Swimming pools and tennis courts, private.

12. Tool houses, sheds, and other similar buildings for the storage of domestic supplies.

13. Water systems, individual. In accordance with §19.03(4)