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OCT 2022  Zero Day, COVID-19 Phishing, Cybersecurity Grant.

Bulletin: 9-22-22  State & Local CISA Grant open.

SEP 2022  Hands on training, EPA grant, sock puppet phishing attacks.

AUG 2022  Avoid data breaches, social media phishing, USDA & broadband grants.

JUL 2022  Password security, evolving email scams, platform updates.

MAY 2022  Quantum readiness, Android Zero-Day exploits, CISA recommendations on weakened systems.

APR 2022  China hacking state governments.  Mozilla, Citrix, & Chrome updates.

Bulletin: 3-22-22  Russia-Ukraine impacts.

Bulletin: 3-11-22  Protection for increased Russian hacker activity.

MAR 2022  Employees can defend from cyberattacks, CISA known vulnerabilities updates.

Bulletin: 2-24-22  New Sandworm Malware Targeting Network Devices

FEB 2022 -  Google Chrome Vulnerabilities

JAN 2022 - Ransomware study, Apache Log4j software vulnerability.

NOV 2021 - Water Utilities Resources, CISA Training Videos, BlackMatter Ransomware.

SEPT 2021  - Treasury Action, WI Cybersecurity Law, Gov. Cyber Summit.

Bulletin: 9-8-21  Atlassian Confluence Server and Data Center Vulnerability!

Bulletin: 8-17-21  Blackberry Warning!

Bulletin: 8-5-21 Increased Hacker Activity!

July 2021 - CISA Ransomware Site Launches, Print Spool Nightmare Alert, Quick Tips.


NLC Cyber Roadmap
Living document listing various federal cyber resources that are available to state and local governments.

Report suspicious activity and/or cyber incidents to any of the following:

The Wisconsin Statewide Intelligence Center (WSIC):

The FBI:


Local Law Enforcement or call 911

Cybersecurity Articles & Reference Documents