Legislative Communications

October 20 - AB 588 – Fees, Installation, and Operation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

October 20 - AB 504 – Amending Water Supply Service Area Plan Requirements   

October 12 - AB 608, Mandating Certain Municipal Zoning and Subdivision Practices Relating to Multifamily Housing and Workforce Housing Projects

October 12 - AB 610, Prohibiting Certain Property Tax Assessment Practices

August 25 - AB 399, Interest Claims of Excessive Assessment and the Recovery of Unlawful Property Taxes

August 17 - AB 483, Limiting Municipal Raze Order Powers

July 21 - SB 434, Limiting Municipal Raze Order Powers

June 23 - SB 119, related to decreasing shared revenue payments to municipalities based on decreased funding for law enforcement officers (Veto request.) 

June 7 - SB 385/AB 369, Timeline for Local Redistricting following the 2020 federal census, SB 385/AB 369 Myth Fact

May 25 - AB 300, relating to timing of PSC approvals and AB 302, relating to meter installment Coalition Memos: Support for AB 300 to Establish a Process and Timeline for PSC to Determine a Water Utility’s Application for Approval of a Construction Project or Lead Service Line Financial Assistance Program is Complete & Support for AB 302 Modify PSC’s Construction Authorization Exemptions for Water Meter Projects  

May 25 - SB 198/AB 189, Collecting Room Taxes from Online Marketplace Providers

April 15 - SB156/AB 140 - Expanding and Providing additional funding for the Clean Sweep Program to include collection of certain fire-fighting foams

April 7 - SB 187, Allowing village trustees to be hired as village employees

March 25 - American Rescue Plan Act and State Aid Programs for Local Governments (Joint memo with the Wisconsin Counties Association & Wisconsin Towns Association) 

March 11 - SB 21, Aids to municipalities and counties for certain special election costs

March 11 - SB 119, Decreasing Shared Revenue if funding for law enforcement officers is Decreased

March 2 - AB 56, Ensuring that personal property aid payments made to TIF districts continue after districts close

February 4 - SB 55, Allowing Municipalities to Publish Meeting Minutes on the Municipality's Web Site in lieu of the Official Newspaper

February 4 - SB 56, Allowing Remote Orders for sale of alcohol beverages to be picked up on retail licensed premises

January 27 - League Federal Covid-19 Relief Package

January 11 - AB 1, Response to COVID-19 Pandemic
Note - the League's position was subsequently updated to neutral in response to amendments.