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HR Matters Inaugural Column (PDF) August 2019
Employees 351: Human Resources (HR) is the management of people. Lisa Bergersen’s column, HR Matters, will offer HR basics, best practices and compliance information.  This inaugural column explains that HR matters because people are our greatest asset, it minimizes legal liability, improves service delivery, and organizations save time and money. Column details some resources for HR information.

I-9 Forms Matter (PDF) September 2019
Employees 352: HR Matters column article by Lisa Bergersen discussing requirements related to the federal I-9 employment verification form that must be completed for all paid employees.

Employees vs. Independent Contractor (PDF) October 2019
Employees 353: HR Matters column article by Lisa Bergersen about one potential area of cost savings for local governments - using independent contractors to perform municipal functions.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equal Employment Opportunity What's the Difference? (PDF) November 2019
Employees 354: HR Matters column by Lisa Bergersen discussing what diversity, inclusion and equal employment opportunity mean in the workplace, why they're important and how organizations can implement them. 

Lawful Hiring (PDF) December 2019
Your organization’s recruiting process should be designed to hire the best candidate for the job.  It is equally important to ensure that your organization does not run afoul of the many Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws that prohibit hiring decisions based on a candidate's protected class status.  These laws exist to keep employers from intentionally or unintentionally rejecting candidates because of their protected class.