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The League "Local Perspective" Special Editions

A strong state and local partnership was a central theme of Jerry Deschane's conversation with Governor Tony Evers. In this special edition of the League's the Local Perspective recorded April 10, 2019, Jerry and the Governor talk about everything from why the Governor ran for the office, the state budget and the practical, gritty side of policymaking.   

Thank you to the Sun Prairie Media Center and Fitchburg's FACTv for making this on location interview possible and thanks to Community Media for the ongoing partnership. 

Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos sat down with Jerry Deschane on location in the Assembly Chamber for a League Local Perspective. They had a broad ranging conversation, covering everything from the State and Local Partnership, transportation aids and local control.  

Thanks again to FACTv and the Sun Prairie Media Center for their work and partnership. 

Know Your Wisconsin

Discover Mediaworks produced a series of videos about issues important to Wisconsin's cities and villages in 2019 for distribution through their channels.