Public Utilities FAQ 7

Can a municipal electric utility release usage or billing information to a prospective residential customer without violating the Municipal Utility Customer Privacy Law?

Yes, but only in accordance with Wis. Admin. Code PSC 113.0501(5), which requires an electric utility to provide residential energy consumption information, upon request, to current or prospective customers, tenants, or property owners. This information shall include either the average consumption for the prior 12-month period or figures reflecting the highest and lowest consumption amounts for the previous 12 months. Providing this information pursuant to PSC 113.0501(5) is not a breach of customer confidentiality. A requester is entitled to one statement of such information, for a charge of no more than $1, every 12 months. If additional requests are made within the 12-month period, the information shall be provided if the customer pays the utility’s reasonable costs of preparing and furnishing the statement.

(rev. 11/21)