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Small Community Forums - Resources

  1. Thank you for bringing the resources that you provide to the people participating in the 2021 Small Community Forums. The following information will be provided to attendees who register in advance of the forum and will also be available for attendee follow-up.
  2. If you have questions about this form, please contact Gail Sumi at the League of Wisconsin Municipalities at
  3. Note that you have limited space.
  4. Please provide a person's name, title and email or, if you prefer, a general email address or other contact information. This will be listed with your agency/organization. It does NOT have to be the person attending the forum/s. We will contact you a few weeks out from the forum to ask who will be attending each of the forums on behalf of your agency/organization.
  5. We look forward to seeing you at the Forums! Thank you!
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