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123rd Annual Conference Registration SPEAKER COMP

  1. Please Note:

    This link is for comped registrations only.  If your organization requests more than your comped registration allotment, we will bill you at member rate.  If you are unsure of your allotment contact Robin Powers @  Thank you!

  2. Speaker Attendance Selections

    Please note that all League speakers are comped the whole day(s) their are speaking.  Please indicate which day that is below.  Speakers may also sign up for additional days at member rate and be invoiced.  

  3. Speaker Presentation Days

    Which day(s) are you presenting at the conference?  You will not be billed on presentation days, the rate is listed for you if you wish to attend additional days.

  4. For everyone attending the Zoom Pre-conference, please indicate which of these you will attend:
  5. Pre-Conference Webinar Only Registration

    Zoom webinar sessions Oct. 12-14, Noon to 1:30pm each day.

  6. For everyone attending on Wednesday, please indicate which of these you will attend:
  7. Wednesday Only Registration

    (Events: Deep Dives, Vendor Exposition hall, General Session, Presidents Reception, Prize Drawings, & Table for Ten.)

  8. Wednesday, Oct. 20th Deep Dive Sessions (9:00AM-12:00AM)

    The following are included with the Full Conference Registration or the Wednesday Only Registration. Please indicate which session you plan to attend.

  9. Wednesday, Oct. 20th, Table for 10 (6:30PM & 7:00PM Reservations)

    We heard you – you want more time to talk with each other at the Annual Conference! How about over dinner? Here’s how it works. We’ll make reservations for one or two tables at a variety of Green Bay area restaurants and arrange for separate checks. When you arrive at registration, look for the sign-up sheets. Each restaurant will have its own sign-up sheet with exactly the number of spaces as there are chairs around the shared table and a description of the food and price point. You put your name down for the restaurant that you would like to go to on a first come, first serve basis. You are welcome to bring friends and also get to know a whole new group of peers over dinner. Transportation and payment are on your own. PLEASE NOTE: We are looking for ballpark numbers. Please don't hold up a registration because of this event and remember that attendees will need to check in at registration Wednesday to reserve space.

  10. Thursday Only Registration

    (Events: Run/Walk, Concurrent Workshops, Lunch & Keynote Speaker, & Networking Reception.)

  11. For everyone attending on Thursday, please indicate which of these you will attend:
  12. Thursday, Oct. 21st WEA Trust Run/Walk (7:00AM Start)

    Starts at 7:00 a.m. rain or shine. Unisex T-Shirt sizes. Run/Walk Sponsored by WEA Trust.

  13. Thursday, Oct. 21st - Thursday Municipal Networking Reception (4:30PM)

    Our biggest event of the conference.  Come enjoy refreshments and network with your peers.

  14. Friday Only Registration

    (Events: Scrambled Eggs and Politics, Concurrent Workshops, & Closing Address.)

  15. For everyone attending on Friday, please indicate which of these you will attend:
  16. Friday, Oct. 22nd Scrambled Eggs and Politics (7:30AM)
  17. Extra Info:
  18. I require accommodations regarding a disability or dietary need
    If you have checked this box, we will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.
  19. Guest Registration
    Guest Fee includes both Conference Receptions and Thursday's Run/Walk. There is no Guest Program this year.
  20. Guest: Thursday, Oct. 24th WEA Trust Run/Walk

    Starts at 7:00 a.m. rain or shine. Unisex T-Shirt sizes. Run/Walk Sponsored by WEA Trust.

  21. The Fine Print

    *Staff members and officials from cities and villages that are currently members of the League, League Business Members and representatives from organizations exhibiting at this conference may register at the member rate.  Registration fees, minus a $10 processing fee, are refundable if the League is notified of the cancellation by October 11, 2021.

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