Intoxicating Liquors

  1. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 1

    Who has the privilege of an operator’s license for the purpose of satisfying the requirements that the licensee or someone with an operator’s license be on the premise when it is open for business?

  2. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 2

    Can the municipal clerk issue picnic beer and wine licenses without action by the governing body?

  3. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 3

    When an establishment with a “Class B” liquor license is sold, is the liquor license transferred from the seller to the buyer?

  4. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 4

    Must an applicant for a temporary operator's license complete a responsible beverage server training course before he or she may be issued a license?

  5. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 5

    When can a liquor license be transferred from one person to another?

  6. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 6

    Can a licensee surrender his or her license contingent on the license being granted to a particular applicant?

  7. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 7

    When a regular "Class B" liquor licensee decides not to renew his or her license or goes out of business and surrenders the license in the middle of the license year, does the license convert to a reserve "Class B" liquor license?

  8. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 8

    Must the names of all of the partners in a partnership applying for a retail alcohol beverage license be revealed on the license application? Similarly, must each partner in a partnership applying for a beer or liquor license complete the auxiliary questionnaire (DOR Form: AT 103)?

  9. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 10

    Must an applicant for a beer or liquor license be a citizen of the United States in order to qualify for the license?

  10. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 11

    May the same person hold a "Class A" liquor license and a Class "B" beer or "Class B" liquor license for the same premises?

  11. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 12

    May a pizza parlor with a class "B" beer license deliver beer with pizza deliveries?

  12. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 13

    How does annexation or detachment of territory containing "Class B" liquor licenses affect a municipality's quota?

  13. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 14

    Can a municipality refuse to issue an alcohol beverage license because the applicant has failed to pay a fine, tax, assessment, fee or other debt by owed by the applicant to the municipality?

  14. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 15

    When a reserve “Class B” liquor license is not renewed and someone else applies for it or if the establishment holding the license is sold to a new owner, does the new owner/licensee have to pay the initial issuance fee of not less than $10,000?

  15. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 16

    Someone applied for a “Class B” alcohol license and claims he needs it so he can have video gambling machines in his establishment. Does a “Class B” liquor license authorize video gambling machines?

  16. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 17

    Can an alcohol beverage licensee allow a person to bring their own alcohol into a licensed premises for consumption or other use?

  17. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 18

    How does a municipality calculate the initial number of "Class B" reserve liquor licenses it held under the current quota law?

  18. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 19

    Does state or federal law directly prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages by a municipal employee or volunteer in a municipal fire station or other municipal building during non-duty or non-volunteer hours?

  19. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 20

    Does state law require a person with an operator’s license or person deemed to have an operator’s license on premises covered by a temporary (i.e., picnic) license?

  20. Intoxicating Liquor FAQ 21

    May taverns and restaurants sell beer or liquor for off-premises consumption?

  21. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 22

    What are some of the key limitations or requirements that apply to wine and fermented malt beverage sampling at Class A licensed premises?

  22. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 23

    Who can obtain temporary (picnic) beer and wine licenses and is there any limit on the number of picnic licenses that can be obtained in a year?

  23. Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 24

    Can a municipality impose a later opening hour for “Class A” beer and/or liquor retail establishments?