1. Employees FAQ 1

    Is it necessary for a municipality to advertise a job opening before filling the position?

  2. Employees FAQ 2

    Does a municipal employer have to offer compensatory time in lieu of overtime to employees and, conversely, does a municipal employee have to agree to accept comp time in lieu of overtime?

  3. Employees FAQ 3

    Does vacation or sick leave count towards the number of hours worked in a week when calculating whether an employee is entitled to overtime (or compensatory time if used)?

  4. Employees FAQ 4

    Is there a limit on the amount of compensatory time that an employee can accrue under the Fair Labor Standards Act? If so, can a municipality set a lower cap on accumulation of compensatory time off?

  5. Employees FAQ 5

    Must an employee be paid time-and-one-half for working on holidays?

  6. Employees FAQ 6

    Are police and firefighters treated differently than other employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act for purposes of overtime?

  7. Employees FAQ 7

    Are employees entitled to be compensated for on-call time (time where the employee is not actually working but must be ready to respond if needed)?

  8. Employees FAQ 8

    Must municipal employees be allowed meal or rest breaks during a work shift?

  9. Employees FAQ 9

    What factors determine whether someone performing services on behalf of a city or village is a municipal employee or an independent contractor?

  10. Employees FAQ 10

    Do municipal employees have a right to their jobs?

  11. Employees FAQ 11

    If the same person works for a municipality in more than one capacity (e.g., as a part-time public works employee and as a part-time custodial employee), are the jobs considered separately for purposes of paying overtime?

  12. Employees FAQ 12

    What restrictions govern the employment of minors?

  13. Employees FAQ 13

    Are municipal residency ordinances valid?

  14. Employees FAQ 14

    Does either the federal or Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Acts apply to municipalities with less than 50 employees?

  15. Employees FAQ 15

    Can a municipality compensate a person for volunteer work without affecting the person's status as a volunteer under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)? What about volunteer firefighters?

  16. Employees FAQ 16

    In order for an employee to be considered exempt from the FLSA's overtime protections under the administrative exemption, the new FairPay regulations require that the employee "exercise discretion and independent judgment with respect to matters of significance." Are there any standards for helping an employer determine whether an employee satisfies this criteria?

  17. Employees FAQ 20

    Does a municipal employer have to provide notice, a hearing or some other process before ending an employment relationship with a municipal employee?

  18. Employees FAQ 21

    Are municipal employers required to compensate employees for time spent in training programs?

  19. Employees FAQ 22

    Must local government employers pay salaried employees overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act?

  20. Employees FAQ 23

    Does Wisconsin law provide a local government employer with immunity for employment references?

  21. Employees FAQ 24

    How many hours must a new employee work in a year to become eligible for Wisconsin Retirement System benefits?

  22. Employees FAQ 25

    Are municipalities prohibited from collectively bargaining with municipal general employees on any subject except total base wages?

  23. Employees FAQ 26

    Are municipalities and represented general municipal employees limited to collectively bargaining on total base wage increases at or below the consumer price index (CPI) only?

  24. Employees FAQ 27

    How does a community determine what the percentage change in CPI is for purposes of determining its limits on bargaining over base wages?

  25. Employees FAQ 28

    Does the CPI limitation on base wage increases for general municipal employees apply to all municipalities regardless of whether their employees are unionized, or does it apply only in the context of collective bargaining?

  26. Employees FAQ 29

    Are police and fire chiefs and other public safety supervisors exempt from the requirement that non-represented municipal employees pay the employee’s contribution to the Wisconsin Retirement System?