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The League's The Municipality magazine is published monthly and circulates to almost 10,000 local elected officials, staff and partners in Wisconsin. We focus on issues that are of interest to Wisconsin's cities and villages and will help to move Wisconsin forward.  

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January 2020

We cover everything related to elections in the January, The Municipality magazine.  You will be amazed at the work that goes into providing an election from the Clerk to election security and more.  

CORRECTION:  In the League’s January 2020 The Municipality magazine article titled, Badger Book Overview, it is important to clarify that Badger Books, used to check in and register voters and process absentee ballots at local polling places, do NOT use an internet connection. 

12 19 Partnerships COVER

December, 2019

The focus of The Municipality this month is on partnerships. We look at it from every angle we can think of, from economic development to intergovernmental cooperation. We give examples of cities partnering with cities and villages partnering with counties.

Tim Hanna and his new role as the Director of the Local Government Center of Wisconsin is the focus of the League's December the Local Perspective. Thanks to FACTv for hosting us! Watch it here...

We deep dive into partnerships in the December E-Muni


November, 2019

Inclusivity means different things to different people. As Jerry Deschane said in his column "So don’t sweat the awkward conversation. We’ll help you through it. This month’s issue of The Municipality is filled with great thoughts, ideas and examples from some of Wisconsin’s best municipal voices on the topic of inclusion."

What makes a community, either large or small, a welcoming community? In making your community a more attractive place to live and work for diverse residents, how do you honor the community's heritage? What do you do to get there? Jerry Deschane sits down with Eric Giordano, Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy & Service for our November Local Perspective. Eric works with communities around the state. Watch it here.

Direct links to the ICMA Equity and Inclusion Toolkit, the legal article on public comment and much more in the November E-Muni.


October, 2019

Wisconsin's 413 villages vary by geographic size, by population or by property value, or by their rural or urban setting, but you still can’t put your finger on the one thing they all have in common. Wisconsin villages are uniquely Wisconsin and fun to read about! 

Why the Green Bay Mayor's Masters in Library Science is applicable to local government, the strength of local impact, the Packers, Economic Development and the League's Annual Conference are among the topics discussed in the latest League Local Perspective. Jerry sits down with Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich in his office. Thanks to Shelby Hearley, Green Bay Multimedia Communication Specialist for hosting us! Watch the video...

The October E-Muni provides direct links to Cybersecurity information, legal articles like the ABS's of CBD and more. 

8 19 WATER COVER Plymouth historic photo

September, 2019

Downtown as a destination is a topic of two of our articles and several of our Annual Conference Workshops. In addition, Curt reviews the state budget's impact on cities and villages. 

The E-Muni links to resources on transportation aids, downtown development and the legal articles.  

Lisa Bergersen, Principal Attorney at EngageHR Law, Of Counsel at Buelow Vetter, Former HR Director, City of Pewaukee talks with Jerry about the importance of Human Resources on the League's Local Perspective.

August, 2019

Investing in your water utility, phosphorus compliance and lead service lines plus public rights in surface water are all central water issues. In addition, we are glad to bring you the Inaugural HR Matters column. 

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is Jerry's guest on the League's Local Perspective.

Deep dive into Water resources in the August E-Muni


July, 2019

Municipal finance is more than the numbers.  It's summer but your mind is likely on Net New Construction, paying for pothole repairs and how to complete the levy limit worksheet. Successful TIF projects are also highlighted along with helpful information on the State of Wisconsin Investment Board. You'll also want to pay special attention to the legal article on limitation of liability clauses in contracts. 

The July E-Muni provides information on the new & improved Wisconsin Policy Forum Data Tool plus much more! 

Fun June Cover of Local Gov 101 attendees in EC

June, 2019

The League's Local Government 101 Workshop is a core offering of the League. We know that not everyone can attend so we brought the components to you in the magazine. This year there are six Workshops, including upcoming workshops in Appleton, Ashland and Waupaca. View the 2019 Facebook Album from the workshops we've held so far.

The June E-Muni has direct links to a plethora of resources that will help your work.  


May, 2019

The League, in partnership with Arts Wisconsin, is celebrating the fourth annual Creative Economy Week May 11-18, 2019 with a highlight of Wisconsin’s museums. Thanks to everyone who contributed. We were only able to capture a fraction of the amazing museums that add so much to our communities.

The City of Sheboygan's Economic Development Director, Chad Pelishek and the Curator for Public Programs at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center's Ann Brusky partner on many projects together, to the benefit of the city and the region.  Learn more about how they grew their partnership as Anne Katz, Executive Director of Arts Wisconsin and Gail Sumi, Communications Director of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities talk with them on the League's Local Perspective.   

The E-Muni provides direct links to resources and articles, including the legal articles in the May, The Municipality magazine. 

Makes the Point Cover The Municipality Property Taxes

April, 2019

The League is getting the conversation started with "Dollars and Sense: Is it Time for a New Municipal Financing Framework in Wisconsin?" a report by the Wisconsin Policy Forum.  

Jason Stein, Research Director for the Wisconsin Policy Forum, discusses "Dollars and Sense" with Jerry Deschane on the League's Local Perspective. Watch it on YouTube

The April E-Muni provides direct links on property taxes, the census and legal articles on Bonding/Insurance Requirements and Comprehensive Plan Amendments.

3 19 Wisconsin Cities cover by Ryan Yatso - Milw from the air

March, 2019

Every city and village in Wisconsin is a unique place that serves a unique regional purpose. Larger cities are often the economic focus of a large part of Wisconsin, and they are the transportation jumping-off point to the rest of the world. Even if you live in a small village, chances are the nearby city is an important part of your life. 

Read the League's March E-Muni with great resources and direct links to the Legal articles.  

2 19 Awesome Cover Workforce

February, 2019 

From the challenges of hiring for a municipality to attracting talent to your community, all things workforce is covered in the League's February The Municipality magazine. Andy Kurtz, Village of Marathon City shares his lessons learned when hiring, Amanda Daering, newance talks about attracting talent, Mari Kay-Nabozny, Northwest Wisconsin Investment Board outlines the Wisconsin Board's work to help employers find employees and Ruth Schmidt, Wisconsin Early Childhood Association details her work in bringing child care to communities across Wisconsin.  Plus experts from Weld Riley, S.C. outline the amendments to Wisconsin's Fair Employment Act.  

The E-Muni is chock full of great resources on Workforce issues, direct links to the legal articles and more.  Read it here.  

Adorable Mag Cover 2019-2020 Legislative Agenda

January, 2019 

The 2019-2020 Legislative Session is an important one for Wisconsin's Cities and Villages. Curt outlines the League's Legislative Agenda and we highlight the work of the Boards of Commissioners of Public Lands as well as reprint an informative article on Dark Store Loopholes that was first published in CityLab.  

The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL) is important to Wisconsin's municipalities, providing loans to Wisconsin's local governments for everything from a fire truck to economic development projects. Jerry has a fascinating conversation with Tom German, BCPL Deputy Secretary & General Counsel, about all of the aspects and benefits of the BCPL in this month's League Local Perspective. Watch it here.

Links to direct resource on the divided legislature, the BCPL and League meetings are all in the E-Muni.  Read it here.