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Room Taxes from AirBnB & Short-Term Rentals

Collecting Room Taxes from Airbnb and other Short-term Rentals
April, 2018, The Municipality Magazine, pg. 20

Dedicated Bed & Breakfast web page that can be used for comparison. There are a few times when a Bed & Breakfast license is more suitable for an STR host than the usual Tourist Rooming House license.  

February 2018 Short Term Rental Compliance Report to Madison staff

Room Tax Law Changes 2015 Act 55 

2015 Act 55 Room Tax Law Changes (PDF) Changes Made by 2015 Act 55 
Leg Council Memo on Room Tax Changes in 2015 Act 55 (PDF) Wisconsin Legislative Council Information Memorandum 
Wisconsin Lodging Association Explanatory Material (PDF) Tourism Entity and Tourism Commission 
DOR Room Tax Fact Sheet (PDF) Summary of Changes 
Room Tax Law including changes made by 2015 Act 55 (PDF) sec. 66.0615, Wis. Stats