1. 28 - Parental Responsibility of Misconduct

    Read a groundbreaking ordinance establishing parental responsibility for juvenile misconduct.

  2. 61 - Truancy & School Dropouts - Plymouth

    Find definitions and guidelines for truancy and school dropouts in Plymouth.

  3. 70 - Juveniles - New Holstein

    Read a general ordinance for juveniles in New Holstein.

  4. 77 - Truancy & Dropouts - Sun Prairie

    Read an ordinance set forth by Sun Prairie strictly regulating truancy and delinquency.

  5. 84 - Truancy - Iola

    Read a general ordinance establishing laws for truancy in Iola.

  6. 89 - School Truancy & Dropout - Wauwatosa

    Get information from a sample ordinance in Wauwatosa regarding school dropouts and truancy.

  7. 107 - Daytime Curfew for Minors During School

    It is the purpose of this ordinance to discourage children of compulsory school age from unauthorized absences and to impose penalties upon those students and also upon their parents or legal guardians.

  8. 128 - Truancy - Manitowoc

    Find out how Manitowoc regulates truancy.

  9. 140 - School Attendance Enforcement - Evansville

    Discover a comprehensive ordinances concerning school attendance enforcement in Evansville.