Nuisance Ordinances

  1. 22 - Property Maintenance Ordinance - Germantown

    This code is to protects the public health, safety, morals and welfare by establishing minimum standards governing the maintenance, appearance and condition of residential and nonresidential premises.

  2. 95 - Loitering and Related Issues - Middleton

    Find out what laws are in places to protect against loitering within the City of Middleton.

  3. 135 - Laser Pointing Devices - Wisconsin Rapids

    It shall be unlawful for any person to focus, point, or shine a laser beam directly or indirectly on another person or animal in such a manner as to harass, annoy, or injury said person or animal.

  4. 170 - Littering - Menomonie

    See the regulations that are associated with littering within Menomonie.

  5. 203 - Noise - Legal Reference Bureau

    No person shall produce or cause -to be produced noise which exceeds the limitations set forth in s. 80-64 or 80-65. No person shall suffer or permit to be produced upon premises under his or her ownership or control noise which exceeds the limitations set-forth in s. 80-64 or 80-65.