40 - Fire Lanes - Eagle River

Ordinance #40

Fire Protection
Fire Lanes - Eagle River


The Common Council of the City of Eagle River does hereby ordain as follows:

1. The fire chief of the Fire Commission shall establish fire lanes at any shopping center or other areas within the fire district within the City of Eagle River which present a potentially hazardous situation because of parked vehicles.

2. Fire lanes shall provide access to at least 2 sides of all buildings 200 feet long. For buildings over 200 feet long, fire lanes shall provide access to all 4 sides of the building or group of buildings. Fire lanes shall be at least 30 feet in width with the road edge closest to the building at least 10 feet from the building. Any dead end fire lane more than 300 feet long shall be provided with a turnaround at the closed end at least 90 feet in diameter.

3. In any area designed as a fire lane, parking shall be prohibited. Failure to comply with this ordinance shall result in the issuance of citations pursuant to the Code of Ordinances of the City of Eagle River.