63 - Sewer Service Maintenance - Wilton

Ordinance #63
Sewer Service Maintenance - Wilton

Ordinance Amending Section 9.15

Maintenance of Service

SECTION ONE: Section 9.15 MAINTENANCE OF SERVICES is hereby amended to read as follows:

A. The utility shall maintain the sewer service main within the limits of the Village of Wilton. The property owner shall maintain the sewer lateral from the main to connection, which maintenance shall include payment of all expenses associated with replacement, cleaning and maintenance of the lateral line. The utility shall be responsible from replacement cost of the curb, gutter and any street repairs. The property owner must notify the Village prior to initiating work on any lateral maintenance. It shall be the property owner's obligation to keep the sewer service lateral free of defective conditions at all times.

B. When any sewer service is to be re-laid and there are two or more buildings on said service, each building shall be disconnected from such service and a new sewer service shall be installed for each building.

SECTION TWO: All ordinances in conflict with the foregoing are hereby repealed.

SECTION THREE: This Ordinance shall take effect upon passage and posting.