Fire Protection

  1. 35 - Water Supply for Fire Fighting - Eagle River

    Read through an ordinance establishing the water supply for fighting fires in Eagle River.

  2. 32 - Fireworks Ordinance - Hayward

    Find a sample of a comprehensive fireworks ordinance from Hayward.

  3. 40 - Fire Lanes - Eagle River

    Read an ordinance establishing fire lanes in Eagle River.

  4. 41 - Fireworks Storage - Eagle River

    Learn about how Eagle River administrates fireworks storage.

  5. 42 - Fire Damaged Building Repair - Eagle River

    Learn about ordinances guiding the repair of fire damaged buildings.

  6. 52 - Regulation of Fireworks - Portage

    Find a sample of an ordinance from Portage governing the regulation of fireworks.

  7. 91 - Smoke Detectors - Superior

    Discover requirements for smoke detectors set forth by the City of Superior.

  8. 164 - Installing Key Lock Boxes - Horicon

    Find out what Horicon requires for outdoor lockbox installation.

  9. 185 - Patio Fireplaces - Cuba City

    Browse a sample of an ordinance governing outdoor patio fireplaces in Cuba City.

  10. 194 - Fire Alarm Systems - Lake Geneva

    Find an ordinance established by the Common Council of the City of Lake Geneva for fire alarm systems.