11 - Mayoral Substitution - Prairie du Chien

Ordinance #11
Mayoral Substitution - Prairie du Chien


Pursuant to Section 66.01 of the Wisconsin Statutes, the Common Council for the City of Prairie du Chien, Crawford County, Wisconsin, hereby enacts the following Charter Ordinance:

Section 1: That any Council Member, who is required to assume the Mayor's position to conduct any City Council meeting at which the Mayor is absent, shall upon assuming that position, retain all rights and privileges to vote on any issue that may come before the meeting over which the Council Member is presiding due to the Mayor's absence.

Section 2: This Charter Ordinance shall be effective 60 days after its passage and publication as required by Section 66.01(5), Wis. Stats., and subject, within the time frame above set forth, to the referendum procedure set forth in Section 66.01, Wis. Stats.