League Advocacy

As an elected or appointed municipal official, you can advocate for your municipality by joining the League’s Lobby Team.  

Sign Up to Join the Team

Fill out the sign up form to join the Lobbying Team. If you have any questions, please contact Gail Sumi at 608-267-4477 or via email.

Why join the Lobby Team? Watch the video below and learn from a Mayor/Legislator why you should add your voice to the League's Advocacy & Lobby Team.   

Take Action

You can advocate for your community by contacting your Legislators. Click through and your Legislators are identified for you. We make it easy for you by providing a message that you can customize. Take action. (Please note: we pick our battles. This link will only work when there is an active campaign.) 

2021-22 Advocacy Resources 

State Budget Advocacy

Includes the League's fill-in-the-blank template, municipal examples of letters to Legislators, the Shared Revenue Resolution and transportation aid stories.

Examples of General League Member Advocacy

Janesville's Successful Legislative Advocacy Strategy (PDF) Legislative Agenda on Janesville's website. 

General League Legislative Communications