2009 Approved Resolutions

  1. 2009-1
  2. 2009-2
  3. 2009-4
Whereas, the Municipal Employment Relations Act requires arbitrators to give weight to ten factors when deciding between final offers submitted by a union and the municipal employer; and

Whereas; one of these factors is the financial ability of the municipality to meet the costs of any proposed settlement; and

Whereas, arbitrators often disregard any concerns a municipality may express over its ability to meet the costs of a union proposal as long as the municipality has money in a reserve fund; and

Whereas, principles of sound financial management call for municipalities to maintain adequate amounts in a reserve fund to cover unanticipated expenses; and

Whereas; the Municipal Employment Relations Act should not punish a municipality for following sound financial practices.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the League of Wisconsin Municipalities in conference assembled on October 15, 2009, urges the Legislature and Governor to enact legislation prohibiting an arbitrator from taking into consideration a municipality’s fund balance when considering the financial ability of a municipality to meet the costs of any settlement offer.