Sponsor & Exhibitor Q&A

Q:   We are interested in getting just a booth for the annual conference. I see the link to sign up to sponsor but not just have an exhibit booth. Can you let me know how we should move forward if I only want a booth?

A:  The Bronze sponsorship level is now the base exhibitor level, it is no longer called “exhibitor only”.  We changed things up to include the Products and Services guide in 2020 with exhibitors going forward.  Bronze sponsorship gets you a booth and the Guide and that is the current base exhibitor option if you are interested in exhibiting in Oct. 


Q:  As I am registering, under Contact Person, what level of contact is this?  I will be the contact for everything regarding prep - registration, coordination, etc. - but would want a different name listed in the program.  Is this an all-encompassing contact?  Or will I have an opportunity to provide another one later?

A:  The contact person is just for the League to use in setup & coordination.  It is who you want the League to contact with questions about your booth and staff, etc.   The Products & Services Guide (which is our program now) serves as the place to put contact(s) for your company that our members use to reach you.  You may enter that Products & Services Guide information anytime now or before Sept. 3rd.  


Q:  I just signed up for a gold sponsorship for the fall conference. We are a Business Partner as well.  So did I do that backwards? Should I have done the something with the business partner section first?

A:  Not a problem, Partners have a Silver level included in partnership so we will just invoice for the difference of the Gold sponsorship.  We also are reaching out to Partners to make sure their want their included sponsorship to be the annual conference or another if it should be another program(s).