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CLE Credit

Municipal attorneys who attended the full 2023 Municipal Attorneys Institute may claim 13 CLE credits which includes 1.5 EPR credits for the Wednesday ethics session.

The Minnesota Board of Continuing Legal Education approved 10 credits which includes 7.5 Standard credits, 1.25 Ethics credits, and 1.25 Elimination of Bias credits.

Individual attorneys are responsible for reporting their actual hours of attendance.    


  • Gambling for Public Officials: How to Balance Municipal Risk
  • Cameras and Questions: First Amendment Audits and How to Prepare
  • Balancing Public Interest and Professional Responsibility:  Ethics for Municipal Attorneys
  • Raze Orders
  • Talk of the Town (or Village or City): Employment Law Hot Spots
  • Drafting Ordinances: The Fine Art of Red Tape
  • 5 Things That the Municipal Attorney Does That Planners Hate
  • Practice Tips for TIF Projects from a Bond Lawyer  
  • Trial Skills 
  • Municipal Regulation of Solar Energy Systems
  • CRE for the OCA: Commercial Real Estate for Municipal Attorneys
  • Conscious Inclusion: Practical advice for an inclusive workplace
  • First Amendment Claims: The Impact of Kennedy v. Bremerton School District 0n Wisconsin Municipalities
  • More Sage Advice from Seasoned Municipal Attorneys
  • The Wild and Wacky World of Sovereign Citizen Suits
  • Competitive Bidding