October 14, 2020 Workshops

WEA Trust Run/Walk T-shirt Day!  The WEA Trust/League run/walk, while virtual, has a way for you to connect. Wear your t-shirt and show off that sporty physique on Zoom!

Wednesday, October 14

10:00 AM - Useful Tools for Environmental Cleanup and Property Redevelopment
Barry Ashenfelter, Policy Analyst, DNR Remediation and Redevelopment Program; Maggie Egbarts, Kansas State University, Technical Assistance for Brownfields, Karen Harkness, Director of Community and Economic Development, Appleton and Michael Prager, Land Recycling Team Leader, DNR Remediation and Redevelopment Program
If ignored, boarded up gas stations, factories, feed mills, and other “brownfield” properties with known or likely environmental contamination can worsen and spread health hazards. This further diminishes property values and adds to investigation and cleanup costs. As well as being eyesores, derelict sites can become legal and financial burdens on a community. The Wisconsin DNR’s Remediation and Redevelopment Program along with a municipal partner will present the tools you need to address and reuse brownfield properties in your community.
DNR Remediation and Redevelopment PowerPoint (PDF) 

12:00 PM - Managing Conflict in Local Government
Eric Giordano, Executive Director, Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service
Governance is inherently conflictual. The key is managing conflict effectively to build and sustain trust, especially in an environment and under circumstances where citizens and stakeholders are being encouraged and trained to mistrust government. This workshop will review key principles and values that are essential to pragmatic conflict management. Join us to examine how you can build a firm foundation for effective conflict management, whether among staff members, elected bodies or the community.

2:00 PM - How Some Rural Communities Thrive While Shedding Population: Learning to Shrink Smart
Professor David Peters, Iowa State University
Wisconsin has lots of small rural communities that are struggling to thrive. Professor David Peters has studied why some rural communities in the neighboring state of Iowa do better than others and even continue to prosper while losing population. In this workshop he will share the results of his research on communities that are shrinking, but still flourishing. 

*In-Person Regional Meeting - 6:00–7:30 PM Brillion - Brillion City Center Council Chambers 201 N. Main Street, Brillion, WI 54110 

*We know there’s a unique value to local leaders being able to get together and share ideas, so we’re hosting a series of six in-person regional meetings. Join us at the meeting nearest to you. Space will be limited, so only registered conference attendees may attend. Your health is our first concern, so it is possible that we may have to cancel one or more regional meetings based on pandemic conditions.