October 7, 2020 Workshops

Wednesday, October 7 

10:00 AM - Tax Incremental Financing Basics
**Eligible for EPW PDH 
Jon Cameron and Phil Cosson, Senior Municipal Advisors, Ehlers
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Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) is the most potent tool that municipalities have available to finance the cost of public improvements and economic development projects. This session will focus on TIF basics: when is it appropriate to consider TIF, how does TIF work, what can it pay for? The presentation will also cover the types of TIF districts that can be created, and important considerations related to timing, process, and planning for financial success.

12:00 PM - Roundtable: Small Communities
A Roundtable discussion of current and relevant topics to Small Communities. Participants may self select into the Small or Large Community Roundtable. (The Large Community Roundtable is Thursday, Oct. 8 at 2:00PM.) 

2:00 PM - How Secure is Your Municipality’s Network? Assessing Cyber Risk
*** Eligible for Municipal Clerk Certification  
Andrea Jansen, Baker Tilly; Anthony Neumann, Manager, Information Technology Division, City of Oshkosh and Brian Nichols, Baker Tilly 
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Cyberattacks are common, and local governments are a relatively easy target. Municipalities across the country, including some in Wisconsin, have had their computer networks shut down due to ransomware, a cyberattack that locks governments out of their data, usually demanding money in exchange for access. It often enters a system through phishing emails. Learn how the City of Oshkosh suffered a ransomware attack and the lessons it learned from that experience. Hear experts from Baker Tilly explain how to assess your municipality’s cyber risk and what steps to take to protect your community from cyberattacks.

*In-Person Regional Meeting - 6:00–7:30 PM Strum - Village Hall Community Room 202 5th Avenue South, Strum, WI 54770 

*We know there’s a unique value to local leaders being able to get together and share ideas, so we’re hosting a series of six in-person regional meetings. Join us at the meeting nearest to you. Space will be limited, so only registered conference attendees may attend. Your health is our first concern, so it is possible that we may have to cancel one or more regional meetings based on pandemic conditions.