Local Government/Municipal Initiatives

This is a collaborative effort to gather resources and best practices to promote racial equity and is an ongoing effort.  Please contact the League at email with resources or questions.

  • Appleton - Dignity & Respect Campaign
    "The City of Appleton embraces and celebrates diversity and inclusion! Appleton is the place where people can use their talents to thrive. The City of Appleton is dedicated to meeting the needs of the community and enhancing the quality of life. We have been named one of the top 50 cities in the country to live in by 24/7 Wall Street. A Diversity & Inclusion position has been a part of the City of Appleton staff since 1997. 20 years into our D & I journey, we have had past successes, and with a new leader in the role who has outlined today’s challenges, we are pleased to launch the Dignity & Respect Campaign in 2017 to take our efforts to a whole new level! Won’t you join us? For more information emaildiversity@appleton.org"
  • Greenfield - Case Manager
    "Fire-Rescue proudly has a case manager, Maggie Sutton, who also works closely with the Greenfield Police and the Greenfield Health Department. Our case manager receives referrals from fire/EMS, law enforcement, and health on living conditions, mental wellness, alcohol/drugs issues, and other concerns. Outreach is initiated, assistance is offered, and resources are connected."
  • Madison - Racial Equity & Social Justice Initiative "Establish racial equity and social justice as a core principle in all decisions, policies and functions of the City of Madison."
  • Sun Prairie - Right to Breathe
    "Sun Prairie is committed to advancing equity, honoring our diverse identity, and creating an inclusive culture. These serve as our guiding principles every day in all that we do."

Examples of Statements by Local Government Leaders

  • Onalaska - Community Unity Statement - by Mayor Kim Smith and PD Chief Charles Ashbeck "The City of Onalaska supports an individual’s right to free speech and encourages citizens to get involved by voting in our elections, running for office, attending government meetings or volunteering for local committees. This is how substantive change can be made. We need to come together as a country and find solutions to systemic injustices that have occurred for too long. This can be best done by beginning here at the local level and we are ready to work with you, talk with you and listen to you. We stand with our community and we never take our great relationship for granted."
  • Waunakee - I Don't Get It by Village Administrator Todd Schmidt (See pg. 5)  "I desire our government organization to be beyond just saying words. Our obligation is a basic ethical one… fight hard for equality, tolerance and inclusiveness to end all forms of racism until the job is done. If you are reading this and saying the word “finally”, you have every reason to do so. Yes, finally. Let’s be a Village worthy of what is expected of us as an organization entrusted to serve, protect, and care for all who call Waunakee home now and in the future. Let’s be a Village who will see to it that ALL are able to succeed, thrive and find joy and happiness in this place."