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Sample Employee Handbook

The League is pleased to provide this Sample Employee Handbook (PDF) as a resource for our members. This Sample includes common handbook provisions, but it does not include every policy that may be required for your particular organization. We intend it as a guide for drafting an initial handbook or to help assess revisions to your current handbook; it should not be adopted in its entirety and must be customized to address your current practices, policies, local ordinances, and how your organization operates. The Sample also envisions that lengthier policies such as those related to safety rules, technology, and ethics may be maintained outside of the confines of the Sample Handbook. For a more complete explanation of the benefits, pitfalls, and recommended content of handbooks, please read the June 2020 HR Matters column

An employment law attorney should review the final version of your organization’s handbook. This Sample Handbook does not constitute legal, accounting, or any other professional service or advice. Should you have questions about the Sample, please contact the League at email

Wage Surveys

Department Head Wage Survey conducted by Menomonie Police Chief Eric Atkinson, December 2021  

(Spreadsheets will download to your computer.)
Spreadsheet with Raw Data  
Spreadsheet with Pivot Tables which further break down the data

Carlson Dettman Consulting Salary Planning Survey, Chief Appointed Administrative Officer Survey and Mayoral Survey

Carlson Dettmann Consulting has granted the League—and its members—access to the copyrighted information contained in these survyes in the hopes that access to this report will drive future participation.
Access the Carlson Dettman Consulting surveys (The password is "LWM2022".) 

HR Matters Columns Published in the League’s The Municipality 

HR Matters Inaugural Column (PDF) August 2019
Employees 351: Human Resources (HR) is the management of people. Lisa Bergersen’s column, HR Matters, will offer HR basics, best practices and compliance information.  This inaugural column explains that HR matters because people are our greatest asset, it minimizes legal liability, improves service delivery, and organizations save time and money. Column details some resources for HR information.

I-9 Forms Matter (PDF) September 2019
Employees 352: HR Matters column article by Lisa Bergersen discussing requirements related to the federal I-9 employment verification form that must be completed for all paid employees.

Employees vs. Independent Contractor (PDF) October 2019
Employees 353: HR Matters column article by Lisa Bergersen about one potential area of cost savings for local governments - using independent contractors to perform municipal functions.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equal Employment Opportunity What’s the Difference? (PDF) November 2019
Employees 354: HR Matters column by Lisa Bergersen discussing what diversity, inclusion and equal employment opportunity mean in the workplace, why they’re important and how organizations can implement them. 

Lawful Hiring (PDF) December 2019
Employees 356: HR Matters column by Lisa Bergersen discusses various aspects of lawful hiring practices including: equal employment opportunity laws, the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act, and prohibited discrimination against protected classes.  

Positions Exempt from Overtime Under Federal Law (PDF) January 2020
Employees 357: HR Matters column by Lisa Bergersen details required factors for employees to come within white collar/executive, administrative, professional (EAP) exemptions from Fair Labor Standards Act’s overtime requirements, including salary thresholds and duties requirements.

Calculating the Regular Rate of Pay for FLSA Overtime (PDF) February 2020
Employees 358: Lisa Bergersen’s HR Matters column explains what constitutes “regular rate of pay” for purposes of calculating FLSA required overtime wages for non-exempt employees.

THC at Work (PDF) March 2020
Employees 359: HR Matters column by Lisa Bergersen discusses employee use of marijuana, THC, and CBD and how employers can manage issues in the workplace, including drug and alcohol policies, training managers and staff to recognize and address impairment, and conducting drug and alcohol testing.

Best Practices for Conducting Background Checks (PDF) April 2020
Employees 360: Column by Lisa Bergersen discusses best practices for conducting background checks, including what a background check should include and legal and practical considerations in performing background checks such as obtaining signed consent, credit checks, criminal records, social media inquiries, and working with screening companies.

Medical Inquiries, Examinations, and Privacy (PDF) May 2020
Employees 361: Column by Lisa Bergersen discussing legal restrictions pertaining to medical inquiries, examinations, and privacy in the employment relationship. The article outlines what is permissible or prohibited at each stage of the employee life cycle including during the application phase, inquiries following a bona fide conditional offer of employment, and medical inquiries/examinations of current employees. 

Handbooks - An HR Best Practice (PDF) June 2020
Employees 362: HR Matters column, by Attorney Lisa Bergersen, discussing the League’s Sample Employee handbook and the benefits, pitfalls, and recommended content of employee handbooks including disclaimers, legal provisions, and terms and conditions of employment.

How to Conduct a Sound Workplace Investigation (PDF) July 2020
Employees 363: Attorney Lisa Bergersen discussing how to conduct sound workplace investigations. The article includes several considerations to help ensure a timely, fair, objective, and thorough investigation, such as: proper timing of an investigation, taking interim measures when warranted, selecting the right investigator, planning the investigation, using proper interview techniques, gathering all potentially relevant evidence, and making a final decision.

Workplace Bullying and Harassment (PDF) August 2020
Employees 364: HR Matters column article offering practical solutions to address workplace bullying and harassment. The article discusses the difference between bullying and harassment, behavior that is unlawful under the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act and the Workers’ Compensation Act, and remedial and preventive measures employers can take.A

Five Important Facts About Compensatory Time (PDF) September 2020
Employees 365 HR Matters column article, by Attorney Lisa Bergersen, discussing five important facts about compensatory time for non-exempt employees, including: employee agreement to receive compensatory time, FLSA regulations regarding accrual and use, paying compensation time upon separation of employment, WRS late interest penalties that may apply to compensatory time carryover, and granting time off for extra hours to exempt employees.

Supervisors Matter (PDF) October 2020
Employees 366 HR Matters column article, by Attorney Lisa Bergersen, discussing five important facts about compensatory time for non-exempt employees, including: employee agreement to receive compensatory time, FLSA regulations regarding accrual and use, paying compensation time upon separation of employment, WRS late interest penalties that may apply to compensatory time carryover, and granting time off for extra hours to exempt employees.

Hiring/Interviewing (PDF) November 2020
by Elizabeth (Kazda) Yanke, MBA, Project Manager, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Half the battle of hiring an employee is knowing what you are hiring for and putting that into words. There are many financial and legal considerations. What will it cost? Who’s budget does it come out of? Is this exempt or nonexempt? Interview Project Plan Checklist (Word-will download to your computer.) 

Coaching Employees to Better Performance (PDF) December 2020
Employees 368 HR Matters column, by Attorney Lisa Bergersen, highlighting the importance of the employee-manager relationship and its impact on employee satisfaction and retention, and providing best practice tips for coaching employees to better performance.

Remote Work (PDF) January 2021
by Elizabeth (Kazda) Yanke, MBA, Project Manager, League of Wisconsin Municipalities 
Since March 2020, municipalities had to quickly make decisions on which roles are essential for in-person operations and which can be done remotely. It was the only way forward at the time. With the pandemic well under way and the finish line hopefully near, municipalities may be wondering what the next steps should be for their remote workers. This article will focus on remote work policies, fostering a productive and connected culture, and creating a plan to return to the office.  

Talent Development Strategies (PDF) February 2021
Employees 369 HR Matters article by Attorney Lisa Bergersen discussing talent development strategies municipalities can use to improve economic growth and workforce improvement. Strategies include sharing services, cross-training existing staff, cultivating your municipal brand, and expanding recruitment resources. This article also features a brief case study on Lake Country Fire & Rescue’s successful talent development program.

Recruiting & Maintaining Employees at Green Bay Water (PDF) March 2021
HR Matters by Nancy Quirk, P.E., General Manager & Andrea Hay, Director of Communications, Green Bay Water Utility on workforce strategies to build resources to attract, train and retain skilled employees and succession planning.

Legal Risks of “100% Healed” Policies (PDF) April 2021
Employees 370 HR Matters article by Attorney Lisa Bergersen explains how “100% Healed” policies, requiring employees to be released by their health care provider with no restrictions prior to returning to their jobs, can violate state and federal disability discrimination laws.

Consider Nontraditional Staffing Models (PDF) May 2021
HR Matters by Mike Earl, Senior Vice President, GovHR/GovTemps on the why and how municipalities are employing nontraditional staffing models.  

Best Practices for Workplace Documentation (PDF) June 2021
HR Matters by Attorney Lisa Bergerson discussing documentation of workplace issues as a best practice.  

Drug & Alcohol Testing Requirements for CDL Drivers (PDF) August 2021
HR Matters by Lisa Bergersen details drug and alcohol testing requirements for drivers of commercial motor vehicles including when testing is required, policy, education and training requirements, and includes a list of resources.  

Leading High-Performing Teams (PDF) October 2021
HR Matters by the League's Elizabeth Yanke on how leading high-performing teams requires creating space for an unpopular opinion or to ask the difficult questions.

Doctor's Notes are Not Enough (PDF) December 2021
HR Matters by Attorney Jill Pedigo Hall, von Briesen & Roper, s.c. details three steps to creating and implementing legally sound policies and practices so employers can better manage employee medical situations to diminish their negative effect on the workplace.

Benefits You Didn’t Know You Offered (PDF) February 2022
Elizabeth Yanke, MBA, Member Services Director & Maria Davis, JD, Assistant Legal Counsel, League of Wisconsin Municipalities provide information on how you can help your municipality stand out when hiring with this list of public sector perks. 

Increase Staff Capacity Through Collaboration (PDF) April 2022
Elizabeth Yanke, MBA, Members Services Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities provides examples of municipalities extending their staff capacity through collaboration.