Municipal Water Coalition 

The coalition is comprised of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, Wisconsin Rural Water Association, Municipal Environmental Group – Wastewater Division, the Municipal Environmental Group – Water Division, and the Wisconsin Section of the American Water Works Association an alliance of groups representing municipal water and wastewater utilities. 

The Municipal Water Coalition’s goals are:

•    To work collaboratively with DNR on developing science based PFAS standards that consider relative cost, benefit, and feasibility of different PFAS removal and treatment options. 

•    To work collaboratively with DNR and industry stakeholders to find ways to reduce sources of PFAS before they enter public water or sewer systems. 

•    To educate the public about the background presence of PFAS in our homes and environment from common household products and make clear that drinking water systems and wastewater treatment facilities are not producers or users of PFAS, but only recipients of the compounds.

The Municipal Water Coalition consists of municipal utilities providing the most essential of public services - safe drinking water and wastewater treatment. We acknowledge and fully embrace our role as environmental and public health stewards committed to ensuring safe drinking water and sanitation services now and for future generations. To that end, we support legislative actions and regulations intended to ensure safe delivery of these critical services if they are based on credible science and developed after due deliberation. 

Municipal Water Coalition Communications

Municipal Water Coalition Announces Initiative to Address PFAS Sources (PDF October 18, 2019 

Letter to DNR re: Advice to our Members (PDF) 

Senate Bill 302/Assembly Bill 321 Letter to Committee Chairs (PDF) October 11, 2019
The legislation relates to: setting standards for certain contaminants and providing information relating to off-site disposal of certain waste. 

General Information on PFAS

The Wisconsin Legislative Council issue brief on PFAS October, 2019

Wisconsin DNR PFAS Technical Advisory Group 
The PFAS Technical Advisory Group is a working group formed in 2019 to discuss issues related to perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in Wisconsin. The group does not have an appointed membership; any interested party may attend and meetings are open to the public. The group will meet on a quarterly basis, with additional subgroup meetings scheduled as needed.

Governor's PFAS Executive Order. Governor Evers issued an executive order instructing state agencies to address water contamination from PFAS. August 22, 2019

What are PFAS? Where can they be found? What are possible health concerns with PFAS? What are current exposure limits for PFAS in drinking water? Background on PFAS Contamination (PDF) July 24, 2019 

Update on Recent PFAS Regulatory and Legislative Activities (PDF) July 24, 2019

PFAS Talking Points (PDF) July 24, 2019