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The #WIMuniExpertise series of webinars are provided by municipal staff with issue expertise. 

Have an idea for a webinar and an expert in your municipality? Contact Gail Sumi at email.  

Best Practices for Virtual Meetings 

The League’s free May 6, 2020 webinar discussing best practices for virtual meetings will help you review the basic open meeting requirements as they apply in a virtual meeting, along with etiquette, communication tips and a discussion of various software platforms.

Thank you to our panelists! Sarah Edgerton, CIO, Director of Information Technology, City of Madison, Nathan Thiel, Village Administrator, Village of Pleasant Prairie, and Jim Healy, Village Administrator, Village of Richfield.

The archived webinar is available here.

Archived #WIMuniExpertise Webinars

Human Resources 101

May 21, 2019. Archived here.
Lisa Bergersen, Human Resources Director, City of Pewaukee 
View Lisa’s bio (PDF). 

This webinar provides a very high-level overview of Human Resources basics, compliance and best practices and is aimed at municipalities without an in-house HR department. The topics include:

▪ Overview of State and Federal Employment Laws
▪ Equal Employment Opportunity
▪ Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring
▪ Documentation, Discipline & Discharge
▪ Best Practices in HR Management

HR 101: Human Resources for Municipal Officials Detailed Outline (PDF)

HR 101: Human Resources for Municipal Officials PowerPoint (PDF)

The webinar was recorded and is available through Vimeo thanks to the City of Pewaukee.  You can watch it here.  (Please note that due to some technical difficulties there are gaps of a few seconds at 52:13 and 58:04.)   

Thanks to our City of Pewaukee HR expert, Lisa Bergerson and the city’s technical expert Bobby Kewan for their work to bring you this webinar. 

The following webinars are available on demand at the links below. You can still ask questions through the archived webinar.  

Service Animals & the Law

November 8, 2018 with Jason Glozier and Norman Davis, City of Madison Department of Civil Rights - Intended for municipal staff and individuals involved with policy development, this webinar covers topics such as limited inquiry, what constitutes an individually trained task, and which groups of animals are allowed in which settings. Thanks to the City of Madison Information Technology Media Team for providing the webinar platform.  

The webinar is available on demand here

Protected Classes

January 10, 2019 with Alyssa Riphon and Byron Bishop City of Madison Department of Civil Rights

Closing the enforcement gap between “Employment, Housing and Public Accommodation’s” discrimination, for a City of any size, while trying to break down silos with community organizations is a challenge for any Municipality. As a government agency, it is difficult to build trust throughout all identities within a community. Having protected classes can increase public awareness while balancing discrimination law and one’s individual v. Civil/Human Rights. The City of Madison has 28 protected classes, the most extensive in our country today. A Protected Class is: any group of individuals with one or more identified characteristics designated by law for protection. This webinar will help any municipality better understand what Protected Classes are, their meaning and how they can help any municipality determine which ones might work for your community.

The webinar is available on demand here.  

Affirmative Action

March 14 - 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Felicia Jones, Affirmative Action Division Manager and Kate McCarthy, Affirmative Action Compliance Officer, City of Madison Department of Civil Rights

This webinar, presented by the Department of Civil Rights, Affirmative Action Division, will dive into the City of Madison’s affirmative action ordinance (MGO 39.02) and its benefits to city residents. These include:
•    Guaranteed access to city services & resources for all members of the public
•    Greater diversity on city projects
•    Guaranteed job interviews for applicants referred by the DCR
•    Equity in contracting
•    New City of Madison, Language Access Plan
•    And more…

You can access the archived webinar here.   

Racial Equity

April 11 - 1:00 - 2:30 (Rescheduled from February)
City of Madison Department of Civil Rights

You can access the archived webinar here.