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Welcome to the League

Local government is not a spectator sport; thank you for being a part of your municipality’s leadership. City and village government depends upon citizens like you stepping up and offering your knowledge, common sense and point of view; and then working with other citizens to build consensus and move your city or village forward.

The League is here to help you do that job. We were organized in 1898 by local officials like yourself to serve as an unbiased resource for the people of local government. In keeping with our simple mission, this New Elected Officials web site is a packet of essential material that our experience says you will need in your new role.

Good luck!  Jerry Deschane, Executive Director
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The League lobbies the Legislature with, and on behalf of, Wisconsin's cities and villages.

  • Learn more about the League's Legislative advocacy. Watch the video. Explore the Legislative Tab
  • Make sure that you stay informed and sign up for the League's Legislative Bulletin (sent Monday's while the Legislature is in session) and the Capitol Buzz (sent as needed.) Subscribe here.  

The League provides Legal Services

  • Learn more about the League's Legal Services. Explore the Legal Tab.
  • From Annexation to Zoning, the League's FAQ's are always available. Access the FAQ's here
  • League Attorneys are available to respond to your legal questions. Find out when and how to contact the League Attorneys here.

Resources at Your Fingertips

  • Learn more about the League's extensive Resources. Explore the Resources Tab 
  • From the League's popular Handbook for Municipal Officials to Municipal Licensing and Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages, explore the League's Handbooks and Manuals. Order your Handbooks here
  • The popular Municipal Budgeting Toolkit provides links to help you through the budget process. See the sidebar for everything from "Key Numbers for Preparing your Budget" to "Levy Limits." Access the Budgeting Toolkit here

The League Provides Opportunities for Learning, Networking & Engaging

  • Learn more about the League's workshops and meetings. Watch the Annual Conference video. Explore the Conferences Tab
  • The League's Local Government 101 provides new and experienced officials and staff with information on powers of municipalities, ethics, meeting protocol, budgeting, and public works. Register for Local Government 101 here.  

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