League Annual Directory

The League’s Annual Directory is the municipal phone book:  well-worn and used by every municipality in Wisconsin.  It lists all city and village elected officials, governing body meeting days and times, as well as key staff and contact information.  The Directory is updated every year with the April election results.

The Directory is published annually in the summer and sent to all cities and villages.  Ads are due by May 16, 2016 for inclusion in the 2016-17 Directory.  They are placed in the Directory in the order they are received.  

To advertise in the Directory, fill out the insertion form and send your ad as specified to Gail Sumi at 608-267-4477 or email 

2016-'17 Directory of Wisconsin City & Village Officials Insertion Form (PDF) 

City or Village Clerk?  Thank you for providing updated information for the Directory!  If you have questions, please contact Robin Powers at 608-267-2380 or email rpowers@lwm-info.org

Order a Copy of the Directory?  Use out convenient online order form link below or print the PDF order form and send it in.  Please note that any order by a tax exempt entity must be sent in, the online order form includes tax.

Online Order Form:  2016-'17 Directory

PDF Order Form (Send In):  2016-'17 Directory