Special Assessments

  1. Special Assessments FAQ 1

    Can a municipality specially assess property owned by other governmental entities such as the state, a county, or a town?

  2. Special Assessments FAQ 2

    Are tax exempt properties exempt from special assessments for local improvements?

  3. Special Assessments FAQ 3

    Can a municipality determine to finance a public works project by levying special assessments against abutting property owners after the public works project has already been completed?

  4. Special Assessments FAQ 4

    The former statutory section governing charges for current services, Wis. Stat. sec. 66.60(16), provided lots of examples of what kind of services could be charged for using that section and contained language specifically providing that municipal authority was not limited because of the enumeration of specific examples.

  5. Special Assessments FAQ 5

    Does a municipality have any authority to reconsider a previously approved special assessment?

  6. Special Assessments FAQ 6

    Is a municipality empowered to levy special assessments against a property which is currently outside its corporate limits, to be paid at such time as it is annexed to the municipality, or to charge a hook-up or other fee in the amount of those special assessments at such time as the hook-up is made?