Publications FAQ 5

How should villages post in lieu of publication?

When posting is permitted, the notice must be posted in at least three public places likely to give notice to persons affected or posted in at least one public place likely to give notice to persons affected and placed electronically on an internet site maintained by the municipality. A notice posted before an event must be posted no later than the time specified for the first newspaper insertion. A notice posted after an event must be posted and, if applicable, placed electronically within one week after the event. Actions of governing bodies posted after an event take effect upon posting. The officer or person posting the legal notice must state the time, place, and manner of posting, and this affidavit is presumptive evidence of the facts stated in it. Wis. Stat. § 985.02(2). (Note: posting in lieu of publication is not permitted for cities).

(rev. 1/22)