1. Publications FAQ 1

    Where do I find information regarding publication requirements for cities and villages?

  2. Publications FAQ 2

    Are cities and villages required to have an official newspaper for publication of legal notices, ordinances, minutes, etc.?

  3. Publications FAQ 3

    Does a newspaper have to meet any requirements to qualify for publication of legal notices, ordinances, etc.?

  4. Publications FAQ 4

    How much can newspapers charge for publication?

  5. Publications FAQ 5

    When permissible, how should posting be done in villages?

  6. Publications FAQ 6

    What rules control the publication timing for legal notices?

  7. Publications FAQ 7

    What publication requirement, if any, is there under the open meetings law for governmental body meeting notices?

  8. Publications FAQ 8

    What publication requirements are there for common council and village board proceedings?

  9. Publications FAQ 9

    Must the minutes of a municipal governing body meeting be published within a certain period of time following the meeting?

  10. Publications FAQ 10

    Must cities and villages publish all newly enacted ordinances or resolutions in a newspaper?

  11. Publications FAQ 11

    When a municipality recodifies its ordinances or adopts a new section of a code, does the municipality have to publish the entire code or section thereof in the newspaper?